Wedding photographer Portovenere

Here comes the time to show some of the most funny weddings I had the privilege of working on as a photographer.
Matteo is a stunning photographer, too. We had the privilege of working together in street photography projects in the past, I consider him a friend even if we can’t see each other so often…

I did this wedding in my own way, analog film cameras. My two trusty Nikon FM2 were loaded with black and white film and this way we went all day long. Shooting without a rush, being present, never looking at the camera. The contact sheets ended up revealing everything, there was more than needed, time to watch at the picture was later, not that day.

The joy of printing my friend pictures in my darkroom were my reward, my pleasure. It came beautiful, simple as it used to be, with the mood I love.

Digital photography is getting day by day more far from me, not for a religious way of thinking, but simply because I like it always less.

Some Photographs.

Portovenere wedding photographer_0001Portovenere wedding photographer_0002Portovenere wedding photographer_0003Portovenere wedding photographer_0004Portovenere wedding photographer_0005Portovenere wedding photographer_0006Portovenere wedding photographer_0007Portovenere wedding photographer_0008Portovenere wedding photographer_0009Portovenere wedding photographer_0010Portovenere wedding photographer_0011Portovenere wedding photographer_0012Portovenere wedding photographer_0013Portovenere wedding photographer_0014Portovenere wedding photographer_0015Portovenere wedding photographer_0016Portovenere wedding photographer_0017Portovenere wedding photographer_0018Portovenere wedding photographer_0019Portovenere wedding photographer_0020Portovenere wedding photographer_0021Portovenere wedding photographer_0022Portovenere wedding photographer_0023Portovenere wedding photographer_0024Portovenere wedding photographer_0025Portovenere wedding photographer_0026Portovenere wedding photographer_0027Portovenere wedding photographer_0028Portovenere wedding photographer_0029Portovenere wedding photographer_0030Portovenere wedding photographer_0031Portovenere wedding photographer_0032Portovenere wedding photographer_0033Portovenere wedding photographer_0034Portovenere wedding photographer_0035Portovenere wedding photographer_0036Portovenere wedding photographer_0037Portovenere wedding photographer_0038Portovenere wedding photographer_0039Portovenere wedding photographer_0040Portovenere wedding photographer_0041Portovenere wedding photographer_0042Portovenere wedding photographer_0043Portovenere wedding photographer_0044Portovenere wedding photographer_0045Portovenere wedding photographer_0046Portovenere wedding photographer_0047Portovenere wedding photographer_0048Portovenere wedding photographer_0049Portovenere wedding photographer_0050Portovenere wedding photographer_0051Portovenere wedding photographer_0052Portovenere wedding photographer_0053Portovenere wedding photographer_0054Portovenere wedding photographer_0055Portovenere wedding photographer_0056Portovenere wedding photographer_0057Portovenere wedding photographer_0058Portovenere wedding photographer_0059Portovenere wedding photographer_0060

Analog wedding Photographer Milan

The workout on analog wedding photography project is paying out the planning, thinking, changing and organizing.
Wedding photography assignments are coming and most important thing, I am having definitely more fun and peace of mind working this way rather than in front of a computer with thousands images.

Seeing the shots coming out in the contact sheets is always one of the most exciting part…digital was rational, more flexible, more safe, more easy….but has photography to be absolutely so rational?

analog wedding photography Italy

Time to go under the enlarger soon, with a box of baryta prints. That would be premium pleasure and result.
Will see them soon enough, but no hurry, this is film not digital.


Engagement photographer Bergamo

Snapshots from an engagement portrait photography session while having fun in Bergamo. I have shot so many portrait session and weddings around this area that I used to live a lot, even outside photography.

These guys are about to celebrate a wonderful wedding in Mexico, these have been shining hours.


Proposal wedding photographer Milan

Hans got a wonderful trick for his proposal in Milan. We met and he told me the story of his secret trip as his girlfriend was visiting my hometown Milano on the Duomo rooftop. So I was there as a tourist and photographer and was able to tell the story using a small camera. It was fascinating, sweet and lovely to be the storyteller for these hours, for some prints that you’ll love to remember.

You have been great, I loved it.


I work as an engagement portraitor proposal wedding photographer in Milan, you can easily get in touch here:

Wedding photographer Camin Hotel Colmegna

The Camin Hotel Colmegna is becoming one of those locations where it happens to be more often as a wedding photographer, and without any doubts one of those where I work with true pleasure… all the staff is friendly and professional, it’s surrounded from one of the nicest Italian Areas, and it offers views and chances to take good pictures that every good wedding photographer can enjoy. Close to it couples can decide to celebrate their wedding in Madonna della Punta, a church with a breathtaking view on the lake, and even if I am not the kind of photographer that loves to make too much posed pictures, the garden has so many chances that everything comes just natural and easy.

I leve the pictures speak by themselves, even if it’s just a little selection, but I hope to work there soon again!

Here you can find a contact for Camin Hotel


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