Storytelling wedding photography

As I cruise in the archives this morning, listening to classical music, I am seeing the new vision I am focusing in when talking about wedding photography and the way I like to do it.
As this profession is transforming into something different, it becomes more and more important that I choose to do it in a more deep and personal way.
Moods, the things I feel, fragments and thoughts become the engine of the storytelling way of being a wedding photographer.
Film photography, with wonderful prints that will become the crown of the work, the summary of the vision.

There may be or not a market for this anymore, so why not focusing on the way I love to do it?

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Wedding photographer Regina Palace Stresa

Here are some frames from another analog wedding taken in the wonderful areas of Stresa, on the Lake Maggiore, in Italy.

I got a telephone call from these two friendly guys while I was on vacation in the Dolomites but I knew instantly that the vibrations were so good. We were dreaming the same king of photography so we have been soon on the go.

It’s been a small and intimate wedding that led to a party in the following weeks…but this is another story we’ll post about it later.

Picture have been done in Stresa and Regina Palace Hotel and in the wonderful surrounding Fisherman Island. The Island is one of my favorite places ever, and since weather was not perfect, we were almost alone…even more poetry!

Pictures are in Nikon FMs and Kodak TRIX.

wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0001wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0002wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0003wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0004wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0005wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0006wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0007wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0008wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0009wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0010

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My early wedding photographer days

I am going through old archive pictures these days, and here is what I found…this is Francesca’s wedding, we’ve been close friends in my skateboard days and we went through a lot of things in those years.

It happened natural that I have been the photographer for their wedding. It is maybe for that that I started doing it, later…maybe.

It was a simple wedding, with a simple photography. There’s a simple young-me in a mirror with my old Film Leica. After so many days as a wedding photographer I am going back to that way of taking photographs.

In the last years Perception of photography has changed, and being a wedding photographer, or a photographer in general is just changed.


fotografo matrimonio_0001fotografo matrimonio_0007fotografo matrimonio_0006fotografo matrimonio_0005fotografo matrimonio_0004fotografo matrimonio_0003fotografo matrimonio_0002

Wedding Photographer Amalfi Coast – Costa Diva

One of the wonders of Italian landscape.
It’s always stunning to work as a wedding photographer on the Amalfi Coast, in this case we were in Praiano, close to Positano. These places are a real wonder and this Italian scenario as a wedding photographer I had the privilege to shoot the wedding of Angelo and Giuditta.
Angelo is a photographer, too, and shooting a photographer has his sides.
The wedding went on and on, full of emotions, between lemon and olive trees and a wonderful mood and landscape.

A good way to explore a bit for some days around this land, full of history and friendly people.

Wedding took place in Costa Diva Hotel, wonderful place.


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Milan and Lake Como Engagement Photographer

As a wedding photographer I have often traveled far away from Milan several times but is always nice to work as a photographer in the streets around Milan on early morning and on the Lake Como area. There are some truly exciting and enchanting places in the streets just around my home-place for an engagement wedding portrait photography session.
These two friends have traveled far to Italy during their honeymoon and we had a lot of fun taking photographs, knowing each other.

Photography is a stunning medium to preserve memories and get connected to people from every part of the world.

This engagement wedding honeymoon photography session has been taken in Milan and in Varenna around the Villa Monastero Botanic Garden


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Analog film wedding Camin Hotel

Here is a wedding in the way I like to do it recently.
These are a small selection of photographs taken with analog cameras from a wedding at Camin Hotel Colmegna one of the most beautiful places where I have worked as a wedding photographer along the years.
I loved working with Caroline and Roger since they wanted exactly what I plan to do. Rather than collecting thousands of digital files, they wanted a set of Iconic prints to remember.
This is the language I love and the way I love to take photographs.
I had my two trusty Nikon Fms loaded with black and white film, and realized the prints in a darkroom week.

The prints look beautiful, I can’t wait to send them…I love the way they tell the story.

Wedding photographer Portovenere

Here comes the time to show some of the most funny weddings I had the privilege of working on as a photographer.
Matteo is a stunning photographer, too. We had the privilege of working together in street photography projects in the past, I consider him a friend even if we can’t see each other so often…

I did this wedding in my own way, analog film cameras. My two trusty Nikon FM2 were loaded with black and white film and this way we went all day long. Shooting without a rush, being present, never looking at the camera. The contact sheets ended up revealing everything, there was more than needed, time to watch at the picture was later, not that day.

The joy of printing my friend pictures in my darkroom were my reward, my pleasure. It came beautiful, simple as it used to be, with the mood I love.

Digital photography is getting day by day more far from me, not for a religious way of thinking, but simply because I like it always less.

Some Photographs.

Portovenere wedding photographer_0001Portovenere wedding photographer_0002Portovenere wedding photographer_0003Portovenere wedding photographer_0004Portovenere wedding photographer_0005Portovenere wedding photographer_0006Portovenere wedding photographer_0007Portovenere wedding photographer_0008Portovenere wedding photographer_0009Portovenere wedding photographer_0010Portovenere wedding photographer_0011Portovenere wedding photographer_0012Portovenere wedding photographer_0013Portovenere wedding photographer_0014Portovenere wedding photographer_0015Portovenere wedding photographer_0016Portovenere wedding photographer_0017Portovenere wedding photographer_0018Portovenere wedding photographer_0019Portovenere wedding photographer_0020Portovenere wedding photographer_0021Portovenere wedding photographer_0022Portovenere wedding photographer_0023Portovenere wedding photographer_0024Portovenere wedding photographer_0025Portovenere wedding photographer_0026Portovenere wedding photographer_0027Portovenere wedding photographer_0028Portovenere wedding photographer_0029Portovenere wedding photographer_0030Portovenere wedding photographer_0031Portovenere wedding photographer_0032Portovenere wedding photographer_0033Portovenere wedding photographer_0034Portovenere wedding photographer_0035Portovenere wedding photographer_0036Portovenere wedding photographer_0037Portovenere wedding photographer_0038Portovenere wedding photographer_0039Portovenere wedding photographer_0040Portovenere wedding photographer_0041Portovenere wedding photographer_0042Portovenere wedding photographer_0043Portovenere wedding photographer_0044Portovenere wedding photographer_0045Portovenere wedding photographer_0046Portovenere wedding photographer_0047Portovenere wedding photographer_0048Portovenere wedding photographer_0049Portovenere wedding photographer_0050Portovenere wedding photographer_0051Portovenere wedding photographer_0052Portovenere wedding photographer_0053Portovenere wedding photographer_0054Portovenere wedding photographer_0055Portovenere wedding photographer_0056Portovenere wedding photographer_0057Portovenere wedding photographer_0058Portovenere wedding photographer_0059Portovenere wedding photographer_0060