Milan and Lake Como Engagement Photographer

As a wedding photographer I have often traveled far away from Milan several times but is always nice to work as a photographer in the streets around Milan on early morning and on the Lake Como area. There are some truly exciting and enchanting places in the streets just around my home-place for an engagement wedding portrait photography session.
These two friends have traveled far to Italy during their honeymoon and we had a lot of fun taking photographs, knowing each other.

Photography is a stunning medium to preserve memories and get connected to people from every part of the world.

This engagement wedding honeymoon photography session has been taken in Milan and in Varenna around the Villa Monastero Botanic Garden


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Portrait photographer Milan

A few snapshot from this assignment as a Portrait photographer in Milan.
These friends have traveled from far away to arrive in Milan and we enjoyed a quiet morning in Milan doing snapshots in the streets I have walked around so many times.
It’s been so fun, I was having an exhibition that evening and I managed to invite them for the opening for some extra fun…

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Away for a while

It’s been an interesting but damn hard year, as a professional photographer but not only.
Every time it looks like I will have empty days they end up like full of things to finish, people to see, stuffs to edit…

Same old story

I’ll be away from a while, totally unable to connect, unreachable, the only way.

Stand strong.


Family portrait photographer Milan

Shooting pictures of a family is often enchanting and wonderful.

Is this what photography should be about again, as it used to be, in my opinion.
Far away from digital and social media rush, back to private use and dedication to personal things, people, friends, places…

I have Known Francesca and Marco for a while now, being their family photographer has been enchanting, I could feel the time passing by while framing.

Looking at the contact sheets before printing, I felt like something valuable has been preserved.

family portrait photographer

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Fashion shooting photographer Milan

These photographs are a fast diary from a recent fashion shooting in Milan that I have been working as a photographer. I have cruised the streets just around home where I have lived my last five years.
The guys from Guerrilla FC are just great, super people that have been doing a great work with the best mood ever around their work, proving how good something can be if you love it.

Hope to meet you guys again along the road.


Proposal wedding photographer Milan

Hans got a wonderful trick for his proposal in Milan. We met and he told me the story of his secret trip as his girlfriend was visiting my hometown Milano on the Duomo rooftop. So I was there as a tourist and photographer and was able to tell the story using a small camera. It was fascinating, sweet and lovely to be the storyteller for these hours, for some prints that you’ll love to remember.

You have been great, I loved it.


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