Subway zen

Un tempo facevo questa vita spesso, avanti e indietro, su e giù da innumerevoli treni. Da qualche tempo ho ripreso a farlo. Treno dopo treno, folla dopo folla, migliaia di visi e di piedi che corrono, milioni di volti dentro al proprio cellulare.
Così tanti da perdere importanza e guadagnare fascino. Senza forma e con un ritmo. Istantanee e migliaia di provini, metafora di come passiamo il tempo.


Fashion shooting photographer Milan

These photographs are a fast diary from a recent fashion shooting in Milan that I have been working as a photographer. I have cruised the streets just around home where I have lived my last five years.
The guys from Guerrilla FC are just great, super people that have been doing a great work with the best mood ever around their work, proving how good something can be if you love it.

Hope to meet you guys again along the road.


Proposal wedding photographer Milan

Hans got a wonderful trick for his proposal in Milan. We met and he told me the story of his secret trip as his girlfriend was visiting my hometown Milano on the Duomo rooftop. So I was there as a tourist and photographer and was able to tell the story using a small camera. It was fascinating, sweet and lovely to be the storyteller for these hours, for some prints that you’ll love to remember.

You have been great, I loved it.


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