Portrait photographer Milan

A few snapshot from this assignment as a Portrait photographer in Milan.
These friends have traveled from far away to arrive in Milan and we enjoyed a quiet morning in Milan doing snapshots in the streets I have walked around so many times.
It’s been so fun, I was having an exhibition that evening and I managed to invite them for the opening for some extra fun…

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Bachelorette party photographer Milan

Milan can be a cool place to meet people from all over the world, this time I have been asked to be the photographer for some hours as these girl were doing a bachelorette party tour in my hometown.

We toured for some hours in my usual street searching for fun and a good light, and we surely got a good time.

It was fun…


If you are planning a bachelorette party in Milan and you’re looking for a photographer please get in touch!

Photographer Milan, Italy

Being a photographer for life. Once it gets you, it never goes away.
I am a professional photographer in Milan but photography is a tool for observing life, understanding it and a way to remember what has been…

Photography is a thing that overpass a single story, is a daily diary as life goes on and on. Is a way of living.

Portrait photographer Milan

Milan is becoming more and more a magnet for traveling people from all over the world.
Working as a professional portrait photographer in Milan is a good chance to meet people and get to know many stories from people traveling their own personal Journey.

As me and Ivana were  wandering a quiet Milan, in a lazy afternoon.