Storytelling wedding photography

As I cruise in the archives this morning, listening to classical music, I am seeing the new vision I am focusing in when talking about wedding photography and the way I like to do it.
As this profession is transforming into something different, it becomes more and more important that I choose to do it in a more deep and personal way.
Moods, the things I feel, fragments and thoughts become the engine of the storytelling way of being a wedding photographer.
Film photography, with wonderful prints that will become the crown of the work, the summary of the vision.

There may be or not a market for this anymore, so why not focusing on the way I love to do it?

This wedding took place at Camin hotel Colmegna if you are looking for a wedding photographer and you like my Philosophy on wedding photography you can get in touch here:

Analog wedding Photographer Milan

The workout on analog wedding photography project is paying out the planning, thinking, changing and organizing.
Wedding photography assignments are coming and most important thing, I am having definitely more fun and peace of mind working this way rather than in front of a computer with thousands images.

Seeing the shots coming out in the contact sheets is always one of the most exciting part…digital was rational, more flexible, more safe, more easy….but has photography to be absolutely so rational?

analog wedding photography Italy

Time to go under the enlarger soon, with a box of baryta prints. That would be premium pleasure and result.
Will see them soon enough, but no hurry, this is film not digital.