Wedding photographer Sorrento

Here’s a small selection from an analog wedding still in the Amalfi Cost but this time in the wonderful area of Sorrento.
Giancarlo asked me for my black and white film pictures and that’s what he got.
Wedding gave us back an incredible view on the area, since Villa Giusso in in Vico Equense, a view that you can’t forget, and lovely people that I keep meeting everytime I’m back!

Our Monochrome wedding photography service is for lovers of fine-art prints and different philosophy and process on photography.
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Wedding Photographer Amalfi Coast – Costa Diva

One of the wonders of Italian landscape.
It’s always stunning to work as a wedding photographer on the Amalfi Coast, in this case we were in Praiano, close to Positano. These places are a real wonder and this Italian scenario as a wedding photographer I had the privilege to shoot the wedding of Angelo and Giuditta.
Angelo is a photographer, too, and shooting a photographer has his sides.
The wedding went on and on, full of emotions, between lemon and olive trees and a wonderful mood and landscape.

A good way to explore a bit for some days around this land, full of history and friendly people.

Wedding took place in Costa Diva Hotel, wonderful place.


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Analog film wedding Camin Hotel

Here is a wedding in the way I like to do it recently.
These are a small selection of photographs taken with analog cameras from a wedding at Camin Hotel Colmegna one of the most beautiful places where I have worked as a wedding photographer along the years.
I loved working with Caroline and Roger since they wanted exactly what I plan to do. Rather than collecting thousands of digital files, they wanted a set of Iconic prints to remember.
This is the language I love and the way I love to take photographs.
I had my two trusty Nikon Fms loaded with black and white film, and realized the prints in a darkroom week.

The prints look beautiful, I can’t wait to send them…I love the way they tell the story.

Wedding photographer Camin Hotel Colmegna

The Camin Hotel Colmegna is becoming one of those locations where it happens to be more often as a wedding photographer, and without any doubts one of those where I work with true pleasure… all the staff is friendly and professional, it’s surrounded from one of the nicest Italian Areas, and it offers views and chances to take good pictures that every good wedding photographer can enjoy. Close to it couples can decide to celebrate their wedding in Madonna della Punta, a church with a breathtaking view on the lake, and even if I am not the kind of photographer that loves to make too much posed pictures, the garden has so many chances that everything comes just natural and easy.

I leve the pictures speak by themselves, even if it’s just a little selection, but I hope to work there soon again!

Here you can find a contact for Camin Hotel


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