Gabriele Lopez Photography​​​​​​​
Personal photographer in Milan, Italy
Mood, story... Personal.
wedding photographer Italy

Unconventional Wedding photographers in Italy in a personal style

My photography is about time, personal stories and personal memories.
When I work I search for shades of what makes the day unique, silently taken by photographs that we like to finish in handmade fine-art prints as precious memories while you enjoy your day and just need to be yourself...
Our style and way of working starts from understanding deeply who you are, to a storytelling way of working, to the most beautiful prints we can make, using digital and analog photography, for something so precious and personal.
Wedding Photographer in Milan, Italy
The best handmade prints
It's no surprise for who knows me when I say that the final print is one of my most important parts. We have a totally handmade print process, including state of the art digital printers and a real darkroom for our analog photography process, for a tangible and physical exclusive pleasure of a memory that can be preserved virtually forever... a screen is a screen, but a print deserves something beautiful....
wedding fine art analog print

Our wedding fine art analog print, handmade in our darkroom...

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