Laura and Luca
Wedding in Prime Alture, Oltrepò Pavese
This is a diary of a beautiful wedding that I can't get tired to look at. First because Luca and Laura have been so friendly since the first encounter we had, and we had a perfect match on the photography memories we wanted to preserve; then Prime Alture wine resort is just a beautiful place in the countryside that I simply can't love.
The wedding was a big party, full of emotions and friendship, you could really feel the energy and real love that was all around.
I have truly loved being their wedding photographer but even mostly a storyteller for such an important day and this is surely among those that I consider a guiding light for my wedding photography. 
While this gallery is being published, I'm working on the final prints, that I can't wait to finish, to finally fix these wonderful memories of a wonderful group of people...
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