Gabriele Lopez wedding informations
Where do you work mostly? I am based in Milan but I can travel everywhere if my calendar allows it.

We see a lot of spontaneous pictures, will we be able to take some portraiture? of course yes, if you observe some of the galleries you will see that an important part is dedicated to that, only that we like to keep it natural, we got beautiful memories along the years in this way.

How many photographers will be present at our wedding? Usually two, but it's really up to the number of guests, distance, and your needs, we can plan this together.

Do you make video? No, but i can point you to people I trust totally with a style in line with my vision, and hopefully with your.

Can you shoot small weddings or little events like engagement or proposal pr portrait photo sessions? yes, and I love it. Along the years so many good experiences have been done just in this way!

Can we have the copyright of the pictures? of course YES, pictures will be your and you can make total free use of them.

Can we have the raw files? No, you will get full resolution JPGS or tiffs that went by our selection and editing standard.

Can we shoot analog pictures? Yes! not only you can, but I love to do it. Analog is reserved to black and white, where I can develop by myself and working on the prints all under my own control!

If we choose an analog package can we have color too? YES, but color will be digital, often with a dedicated shooter.

Can we make group and family pictures? Of course, family and friend will be a core detail for all my assignments, but we can take all the needed time for some posed family pictures that may be equally precious as the spontaneous moment I search for all day long.

Do you make albums and prints? Yes, I can print different kind of wedding print packages that you can have a preview of here. This includes different kind of projects that I'll be happy to show you in some dedicated PDF and to show you on a real meeting whenever possible. This includes the fine art printing services both  digital and with analog film, from the books to large-sized prints.

How Many pictures will we get? for a full day wedding it's normally 500+ pictures, for smaller events like a proposal or portrait session it's something like 100+ but it can vary and increase by the event, number of guests, kind of location, portrait session,'s usually a big batch of pictures for sure!!! :)

Any more questions? Let me know and I'll be happy to help!
Thank you!
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