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Personal photographer in Milan, Italy
Personal photography assignments.
photographer in Milan Italy
The storytelling of a situation, a particular description of a place, a mood or something happening.
Subtle differences that make a story YOUR story...with the complicity of an eye and a way of moving and being. An unobtrusive way, always searching for the photograph that may give sense and tell a story.

It doesn't matter if I will work as a photographer at "Salone del mobile di Milano", at a fashion event for a presentation, a conference or a private party or an industrial reportage cover or your personal campaign.
We can talk and find the perfect balance with examples on many past works.
The way of searching photographs that have soul and a message never change.
Everything points to the search of a personal documentation.

We can cover a fast shooting where a fast delivery of the pictures is crucial and even planning deep work with fine-art printing to giant-sized print, including fine-art darkroom print using the best in 35mm and medium-format cameras, for photographs as beautiful art forms

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Born in Milan in 1974, living with Alessia and two cats. Father.
Fallen in love with photography as a young boy. 
Photography has been a lifelong diary from the BMX days to the most strong experiences. Inspired from the works of many masters like Machiel Botman, Pinkhassov, Moriyama my photography is still searching for a meaningful photocopy of daily life and existence itself. 
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