Portrait photographer milan

Snapshots of Hanane, on the days while we were going around Milan for some portrait photography while walking for a individual one-o-one workshop and she was falling in love with photography.

Portrait photographer milan_00001Portrait photographer milan_00002

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Portrait photographer Milan

A few snapshot from this assignment as a Portrait photographer in Milan.
These friends have traveled from far away to arrive in Milan and we enjoyed a quiet morning in Milan doing snapshots in the streets I have walked around so many times.
It’s been so fun, I was having an exhibition that evening and I managed to invite them for the opening for some extra fun…

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Fashion shooting photographer Milan

These photographs are a fast diary from a recent fashion shooting in Milan that I have been working as a photographer. I have cruised the streets just around home where I have lived my last five years.
The guys from Guerrilla FC are just great, super people that have been doing a great work with the best mood ever around their work, proving how good something can be if you love it.

Hope to meet you guys again along the road.


Bachelorette party photographer Milan

Milan can be a cool place to meet people from all over the world, this time I have been asked to be the photographer for some hours as these girl were doing a bachelorette party tour in my hometown.

We toured for some hours in my usual street searching for fun and a good light, and we surely got a good time.

It was fun…


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Portrait photographer Milan

Milan is becoming more and more a magnet for traveling people from all over the world.
Working as a professional portrait photographer in Milan is a good chance to meet people and get to know many stories from people traveling their own personal Journey.

As me and Ivana were  wandering a quiet Milan, in a lazy afternoon.