Fotografi matrimonio Milano

Lavoriamo come fotografi per matrimonio a Milano, se cerchi un fotografo per il reportage del tuo matrimonio richiedi un preventivo o contattaci per qualunque richiesta di informazioni.

Beh, Milano è la città dove ho vissuto la maggior parte del tempo, finendo quindi a lavorarci spesso come fotografo di matrimonio. Milano ha degli angoli magici: i Navigli, Brera, molte zone del centro…ma vari quartieri, conoscendoli, hanno delle caratteristiche che sanno raccontare moltissimo, anche di chi le vive.

fotografo matrimonio a Milano
fotografo matrimonio a Milano

Che si tratti di accompagnare degli sposi in comune, sui mezzi pubblici, o di rivivere tramite i miei occhi le vie della mia stessa città, è sempre piacevole e interessante lavorare come fotografo in un matrimonio a Milano.
Il nostro stile é non invasivo, silenzioso e discreto e tenta di cogliere gli aspetti personali che riteniamo valevoli di essere ricordati con una stampa…


Portrait photographer milan

Snapshots of Hanane, on the days while we were going around Milan for some portrait photography while walking for a individual one-o-one workshop and she was falling in love with photography.

Portrait photographer milan_00001Portrait photographer milan_00002

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Storytelling wedding photography

As I cruise in the archives this morning, listening to classical music, I am seeing the new vision I am focusing in when talking about wedding photography and the way I like to do it.
As this profession is transforming into something different, it becomes more and more important that I choose to do it in a more deep and personal way.
Moods, the things I feel, fragments and thoughts become the engine of the storytelling way of being a wedding photographer.
Film photography, with wonderful prints that will become the crown of the work, the summary of the vision.

There may be or not a market for this anymore, so why not focusing on the way I love to do it?

This wedding took place at Camin hotel Colmegna if you are looking for a wedding photographer and you like my Philosophy on wedding photography you can get in touch here:

Portrait photographer Milan

A few frames from a shooting I have done in the night in a park in Milan.

Lucy needed the shooting for a corporate need so we decided together the mood and a led light was the only companion I had to build the mood we needed. Less is always more, a small camera, a lens, film and a led light. The mood in the park in the middle of the night was totally perfect.

We had fun and it all worked great!

Portrait photographer Milan_00003Portrait photographer Milan_00002Portrait photographer Milan_00001

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Fotografi matrimonio Villa Caroli Zanchi

Lavoriamo come fotografi per matrimonio alla Villa Caroli Zanchi, se cerchi un fotografo per il reportage del tuo matrimonio richiedi un preventivo o contattaci per qualunque richiesta di informazioni.

Ho lavorato come fotografo di matrimonio a Villa Caroli Zanchi, a Stezzano, a due passi da Bergamo più che in qualunque altro posto finora. Sicuramente una delle più belle e migliori location per matrimoni del Nord Italia, la competenza e la gentilezza di chi lavora lì completano il quadro…Villa Caroli Zanchi é un luogo magico in cui abbiamo lavorato come fotografi spesso, sicuramente uno dei più piacevoli ed il feeling con lo staff non é meno importante.

Le fotografie che seguono sono pochi istanti da mille storie magiche che ci é capitato di fotografare in questa splendida location, in giornate splendide come quelle in cui si festeggia un matrimonio.

Wedding photographer Regina Palace Stresa

Here are some frames from another analog wedding taken in the wonderful areas of Stresa, on the Lake Maggiore, in Italy.

I got a telephone call from these two friendly guys while I was on vacation in the Dolomites but I knew instantly that the vibrations were so good. We were dreaming the same king of photography so we have been soon on the go.

It’s been a small and intimate wedding that led to a party in the following weeks…but this is another story we’ll post about it later.

Picture have been done in Stresa and Regina Palace Hotel and in the wonderful surrounding Fisherman Island. The Island is one of my favorite places ever, and since weather was not perfect, we were almost alone…even more poetry!

Pictures are in Nikon FMs and Kodak TRIX.

wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0001wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0002wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0003wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0004wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0005wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0006wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0007wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0008wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0009wedding photographer stresa regina palace_0010

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My early wedding photographer days

I am going through old archive pictures these days, and here is what I found…this is Francesca’s wedding, we’ve been close friends in my skateboard days and we went through a lot of things in those years.

It happened natural that I have been the photographer for their wedding. It is maybe for that that I started doing it, later…maybe.

It was a simple wedding, with a simple photography. There’s a simple young-me in a mirror with my old Film Leica. After so many days as a wedding photographer I am going back to that way of taking photographs.

In the last years Perception of photography has changed, and being a wedding photographer, or a photographer in general is just changed.


fotografo matrimonio_0001fotografo matrimonio_0007fotografo matrimonio_0006fotografo matrimonio_0005fotografo matrimonio_0004fotografo matrimonio_0003fotografo matrimonio_0002