Smartphones, speed, pictures fly under our eyes for a moment, to be soon forgotten, often never printed.
So many pictures that they stop to exist and do not deserve a careful print…
Even wedding photography is not out of this context, if not fully immersed in this madness, often.
Since the early days a always bigger part of my services as a wedding photographer goes in the opposite direction.

Luckily a part of the people that chooses me as their wedding photographer has a different idea.


This analog film wedding photography has a totally different philosophy: I will focus on the essential, searching for that light, mood and unique moments valuable to be remembered and printed in a handmade process in my darkroom on wonderful prints, using top choice artistic paper. I will focus on essential and rather than getting thousands of moments in a rush  I will search to get those that are unrepeatable and that will represent at best what I have seen and perceived. To reach this I will use Analog film cameras loaded with 35mm, medium-format and Polaroid film. Film has still that feeling that in unreachable and unique, not replicable by an “Instagram-like” filter. Every print will be precious and unique and will give a visual and tactile experience.


If you are interested in this  Wedding Photography way we should consider to talk or even meet to see for real what I mean…

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