Here I am…

Born in 1974, father of “Asia” and forever with a camera in my hands, it’s been so since I have a memory…it all started with a Polaroid Camera and never stopped.


I am attracted from how you can stop an instant of reality by a camera and transforming it in a sort daily diary, so you can have a chance to think back again. That’s the kind of camera work I love.

Few and simple cameras, available light to stay close to what’s around me during your wedding day.

When I am not shooting a wedding you may find me with a little camera in my hand shooting the streets or some of my personal project, a thing that I have done for a lifetime. Before shooting the streets, I used to ride them with a skateboard 🙂

I am inspired from many authors that I love, usually outside wedding photography…from the intense fragility of Michael Ackerman fto the elegance of Machiel Botman’s visual poetry, from the shots to his books, ending with the free visual vision from Pinkhassov, always looking for that magic light and dreamy fascination.

In a digital world, I still love to use Film cameras and have my favorite lenses, film photography is still magic and unreachable.

I live in Milan with Alessia and two cats.

Here is my Personal Photography website.